Questions about our servers

The error message "PC_PATCH_1_1_DOWNLOADDISCONNECTED" occurs on the server. What does this message mean?

"PC_PATCH_1_1_DOWNLOADDISCONNECTED" simply means that the client has not yet downloaded the mod file necessary for our server and is currently downloading it.

This is not an error, it is just an information. On other servers the message can be different, because many scripters and modders have built their mods differently and therefore it can come to differences.

When I join a server, I am automatically kicked after connecting.

If they are automatically kicked off the server again after loading the server map, it can only be because they were banned. This can be due to various reasons, including the following.

You have cheated on the server (Aimbot, Wallhack Norecoil etc).

You have insulted other players or admins

You have not followed the rules that we set from Team SPARTA

If you have further questions, please contact our team via the forum, we will be happy to help you.

Can I download the server files by other means?

Of course. Currently we are working on our forum, but the implementation of the download database will take a few more days. If you have problems with the download until then, please contact our team directly.

I would like to use a sniper rifle or a trench gun on the S&D PAM SERVER, but I cannot select them.

You can't select the weapons because limits have been set on our servers for sniper rifles and the trench guns. Each team has two sniper rifles and one trench gun at their disposal. This limit is necessary because it would have a negative impact on the game experience.

There is a cheater on the server, admins who sit in the spectator area do nothing.

If there is a cheater on a server, it is mandatory for us to record demos. In this case, we collect data such as the player's IP address, ingame nickname, etc. and record a demo on which the cheating accusations can be seen and proven.

If the data was successfully collected, a "Head-Admin" can act directly and ban the cheater. If there is no "Head-Admin" online, normal members can create a ban request. In the forum and in Discord they have the possibility to enter the data and upload the demos.

A "Head-Admin" will look at the request and process it. If the fraud can be proven, he will take the appropriate steps.

It is unfortunately mandatory to act this way, because we are also only human and make mistakes. If we do not collect data, it is almost impossible for us to unban a player afterwards, because there are countless banned guids and ips on our server.

In this context, it is unfortunately necessary that we proceed in this way, for many it seems to go too slowly, otherwise it is unfortunately not possible in such an old game.

Also it can be that a team member or admin sits in the spectator area, but is not at the PC. We also have private lives and jobs and can therefore not 24 hours sitting at the PC.

There is a cheater on a server, but it often takes a long time for an admin to take action.

This can be a cheat, where the cheater uses an Aimbot and a so-called name change script. For us this means that the cheater changes his name within seconds. If we now try to ban the cheater via our admin tools, it is often difficult, because he takes the names of other players on the server. So we can't distinguish who is the cheater and who is the real player.

Unfortunately, problems and mistakes have often occurred here, so in order to minimize these mistakes, it is important to analyze the situation carefully so that the right player can be banned.

For you it looks like we don't act or we are just too slow, but no. It is really hard and we try to counteract it every day. If they were in the situation themselves, they would understand us and realize that it really is not always simple and easy.

For outsiders, however, it always looks easy and simple, which it really is not.


I joined the Discord server, but I can't write.

This is primarily because we run our server as a community server. This means that you must have a verified email address. Without a verified email address it is not possible for you to write with us. Also, after joining our server, you will have to wait for a while before you can actively participate in life.

We do this to prevent spam and other unwanted people. We maintain a common, nice and cheerful togetherness.

I can't find their Discrod server despite the invite link.

If you can't find our server even though you are using a valid link, you have probably been banned from our server.

This can have several reasons.

You have not followed the rules that we at Team SPARTA have set on our server. These rules include, but are not limited to, the following.

Insulting fellow players, team members or other visitors on our server is not allowed.

Third party advertising of any kind on our server is not allowed.

Spamming the server is strictly prohibited.

The sharing and distribution of violent or sexual images, videos, etc. is strictly prohibited.


If you have any further questions, please visit us at www.sparta-clan.de and contact our team.


I have registered in the forum, but my account is not activated.

The fact that your account is not activated after registration is usually due to the fact that you will receive an email from us, in which you will receive an activation link. Follow this link and your account will be activated by the system.

If you have problems with this, please contact our team, we will activate your account manually in case of emergency.

I can't participate in polls on the forum.

You cannot participate in polls in the forum because you do not have the rights to do so. Only members of the community are allowed to participate in polls, otherwise important results can be influenced from the outside.