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  • Stumbled across your s/d server this evening. Just wanted to congratulate you on nice server .

    Seemed to be well populated.

    I mainly play TDM but from my clan days do like a bit of s+d but I can't stand those Sparta servers that seem so popular, seem to be a safe haven for cheaters with very little policing.

    Been playing cod2 since it was released minus a 2/3 year break and thoroughly enjoyed my evening on your server which has been added to my favourites now

    Hope to catch you on there.


    • Official Post

    Hello thank you for your contribution here in our forum.

    We from Team Akuma have already put good and visited servers in the past, but after a long time out, we are now back. Considering that the servers are online maybe a week, the success is already very good, but that does not mean anything. The path to build a large community is long and difficult, whether we succeed, is in the stars. But it's fun for us and that's what matters.

    Our efforts are always for the good of Akuma and its community. You want good servers? We offer them. We are committed to constantly and logically expand and optimize our servers, even if the game is quite old. The demand still seems to be there.

    Currently, our focus is on the SD server, if this runs well, our priority is also clearly directed towards the other servers, that these are then just as well visited.

    Also, we would like to thank you, it makes us very happy that they appreciate our servers. We look forward to spending time together on the server.

    Did you already know? Team Akuma offers a Discord Channel, about your membership we would be very happy. There you will always get all the news about Team Akuma and our servers.

    Best regards


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