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    The release of our new mod version for the /SPARTA/ SD server is postponed. As some have already read under "https://sparta-clan.de", the work was resumed to implement more features. The upcoming rank and stat system will be further upgraded.

    What exactly awaits you, we explain here:

    You have all already seen how the new rank and stat system looks like, now we expand it with a top list. This means that a toplist can be viewed in-game and outside of the game. Every player who registers on the server will be ranked in the toplist. On place one is the person who has the best K/D ratio and in what time he has made it. But this is not all, each player can be clicked, there you will see all the information you need. As you can see on the screenshots, not only the kills and deaths are recorded, but also much more data. Here we offer you a list of all the data that will be recorded for each individual player.

    Here is all the information:

    1. Current rank:
    2. XP/Need-XP:

    3. Total Kills:
    4. Total Deaths:
    5. K/D Ratio:
    6. Total-Headshots:
    7. Total-Nades:
    8. Total-Bashes:
    9. Current Killstreak:
    10. Longest Killstreak:

    11. Total-Plants:
    12. Total-Defuse:

    Weapons Information:

    An overview with which weapon you have made how many kills and bashes. In addition, it is recorded how often you have played which weapon.

    Maps Information:

    Similar to the Weapon Information, this records which card you played, how often you played it, and how often you won or lost that card, even the draws are counted.

    More information:

    That's not all, you can also see which body parts you hit and how. It will be shown what percentage of your kills go to the body, head, feet, arms or legs. Thus you have a huge selection of information.

    All this information is then available for each individual player. The server will not be burdened by a self-made database, because the data will be processed externally.

    To make sure that this works quite well, we have of course reworked our current login system. Once you have registered and then logged in (once), the server will always log you in automatically when you join the server, so that no permanent (re)logging in is necessary anymore. So it is clear, a big project is already in work, but will take some time. When exactly it will be ready is not yet clear. However, according to the plan, a first test phase is planned for the beginning - middle of December. In how far we can then keep the whole thing, can not yet be predicted.

    As far as we have further information, we will of course inform you immediately. You will receive news and first screenshots as time goes by. So stay curious and support Team /SPARTA/, so that we can continue to provide such a service and continue to do such a great job.

    In this sense, stay excited and look forward to what is coming.

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