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    Please provide us with the following information so that we can identify the ban in question.

    1. Nickname when you were banned?
    2. When were you banned?
    3. Reason for the ban?
    4. Do you see a ban request that suits you here in the forum?

    We need this information to be able to help you.

    Furthermore I ask you to open a thread in the appropriate forum "Ban request" or "Unban request" with the necessary information.

    Best regards


    So after an investigation and discussion within the team, we have to inform you that your request for a lifting of the ban has been rejected at this time. Just try again in a while. Your offense is from 23.02.24 and is therefore not far back. For this reason, we are unfortunately unable to grant you access to the servers at this time.

    We are currently working on a revised set of rules, which you will be able to find here in the forum in the next few days and can then determine the duration of the ban yourself.

    Hello, we will check and discuss your request. Fundamentally, however, this is not an excuse or an excuse for me.

    We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    We will lift the ban, but we will keep a special eye on them.

    Have fun on our servers, stay clean and fair.

    Hi, that won't be so easy because the ban system and other important scripts were built and developed for the current mod. If we would go back, the complete SA Serveradmin System, LogFile System, Rcon System, Ban System etc would not work anymore. We would get a classic rcon again and could ban people by ip, but then everyone would get a rcon password again and this is again insecure and can be distributed to third parties. Furthermore, we could then only do an ip ban via the root server itself, if at all, but only I have this access and without me no admin could ban Ips, apart from the fact that it would be nonsensical without the guid system anyway.

    It's just not as simple as you might imagine.

    Over the last few days, we have received a lot of questions about the new server mod and the development of the actual servers. Today we would like to take another look at this and hope that we can answer the most important questions.

    We would also like to address some questions below and will try to answer them in detail so that everyone can understand.

    Let's get started.

    Question no.1:

    Why is the development of the new mod taking so long?

    This is probably the most frequently asked question at the moment. It can't be answered in a few words, so let's start from the beginning.

    The new mod was actually already finished, but unfortunately we noticed during the final tests that there are problems with a certain number or rather a larger number of players on the server. The server starts to lag and it becomes unplayable over time. The whole system was linked to and built with MySql databases, as it would simply have been impossible to process this amount of information with "CFG files and script files", at least for the server. I as a person have taught myself a lot, from scratch. Of course, my knowledge is also very limited, but of course I get help from third parties. The MySql story is one thing I can't develop myself, it's beyond my skills and development knowledge. Here again I had to rely on third parties and I had to pay a lot of money for this help. Unfortunately, this third person is very limited in time and honestly difficult to reach at the moment, for this reason the development is currently very slow, because it is not up to me, but to third parties. Of course I'll keep at it and try to push the whole thing forward, but it's not easy.

    I hope that I will soon be able to continue development myself and that the MySql work can finally be completed so that the mod is ready for use.

    Question no. 2:

    Why does it take so long for bugs to be fixed on other servers?

    This question is probably the most frequently asked question, the answer here is also very extensive and so that you can understand it, we have to start from the beginning.

    When I decided to develop my own mods and create my own servers, I had no knowledge or idea of the subject matter. But after a few failed attempts and my own tests, I was able to do more and more. At that time we had the goal and the idea to create a mod for all servers, so that you can play with the mod of the SD PAM server on all other servers without having to download additional files. In the beginning, the idea was totally ingenious and implemented really well, but over time, more and more problems became apparent. Over the years, more and more scripts were developed to make the server safer and better, so these scripts are interlinked in all servers. And this is where the real problem comes to light. Because every mod has to run on every server with different functions and settings, the problems arose. Let's take the mute system as an example, the mute system was added so that people who misbehave on the server can be muted, but after the introduction of this system, there were problems on the other servers. On one server, on which the SD mode is running, the mute system also works perfectly, but on the other servers, there is the problem that the chat automatically becomes unavailable after a while. Let's assume we want to solve this problem and install a fix. If we now work on the mute system so that it runs on the other servers with a different game mode, this also has an effect on the SD PAM server because it runs in SD mode. With regard to the CTF-HQ server, we may then have other problems that cannot be foreseen.

    Now you could say, why wasn't this tested before, so at that time we only had the SD PAM server, the other servers were mostly empty and nobody noticed it, we just noticed these errors much later. Up to this point, of course, there was always further development, so we decided to stop developing these old mods and rather put the energy and costs into something new, so that all the problems in the new mod belong to history.

    Hopefully you now understand that it is not easy to make a small change to the code, as we are making changes to all other servers. With the new mod we will solve this interlocking of the systems so that we can react faster and easier to errors.

    Question no.3:

    Why are there problems with the connections to the server?

    An excellent question. This is relatively easy to explain. In the past, we were often attacked with very strong DDoS attacks and the servers were sometimes hacked (Rcon hacks). Our hosting partner VibeGames has set itself the task of getting these DDoS attacks under control and being able to fend them off. But our hoster is just a hoster, like most others. A hoster simply provides the servers and support with its infrastructure and data centers, so that servers can be protected against DDoS attacks and other attacks, an external solution is needed. A few months ago we were still protected by OVH, but unfortunately there were some problems with OVH and the hoster changed providers. Now we are protected by Path Network. Path Network is probably one of the best in the world when it comes to DDoS protection, and the firewall is also many times stronger than it was under OVH. However, Path Network had to create its own firewall filters and rules for each individual game. Call of Duty 2 is a very old game and we at VibeGames are currently the only customer with this old game, so Path Network's priority is more on other things than on a small community like ours. We were often told that an update to the filters would come on day X or day Y, but it never came. Then the updates finally came and you could immediately see that the connection to the server could be established much faster and the traffic could also be controlled sensibly, unfortunately these filters then caused the firewall protection to weaken, but it took a long time for Path Network to realize this after numerous updates. They say that they know what the problem is and have a solution for it. However, we have been waiting for this solution for a very long time now and even when our hoster asks Path Network, there are always only vague answers or none at all. This is why there is currently a standstill here. The new filters should not limit the performance of the firewall and still ensure a good connection.

    Question no.4:

    Why do some people not have reproducibly higher pings in the evening than at other times of the day?

    Again, this is not due to the hoster itself, but rather because the lines are overloaded. The lines come from DTAG (Deutsche Telekom AG). The traffic is sometimes so high that the lines are simply overloaded. The hoster cannot do anything here and only DTAG can remedy the situation. As far as I know, this problem has not occurred recently and it seems that this problem no longer exists.

    Question no.5:

    Why don't we activate the anti-lag system on the servers?

    Well, the topic of anti-lag is a very sensitive one for us and it has been discussed and debated internally very often and in detail. We have simply come to the conclusion that we will not activate anti-lag. Of course we are aware that some players with anti lag probably have a slightly better ping and can therefore play better on our servers, but there is also a downside, even if the people concerned don't want to admit it.

    For players who do not benefit from Anti lag, there are negative effects. Let's take as an example a situation that inevitably occurs every few seconds on the server. If a player who benefits from anti lag meets a player who does not benefit from it, the former will have an advantage. He is simply no longer easy to hit for normal players, and you can see that the hit box suffers greatly as a result. It goes even further, the player who benefits from anti lag gets a hit box, which also helps him with his aiming. These players often don't hit their opponents at all and still hit or kill them because the hit box is simply totally messed up.

    In general, it can happen that the feel of the game changes somewhat, not dramatically, but it does change. This cannot be explained or described exactly, you simply have to experience it for yourself.

    The activation of Anti Lag on selected days was also discussed and rejected, much to the regret of the few players who would like to see Anti Lag.

    These were some of the most important questions at the moment, we hope we were able to explain to you why certain things are simply not so easy and why they take so much time.

    For the year 2024, we have nevertheless set ourselves the goal of completing the new mod as quickly as possible and separating the servers so that we can react more easily and quickly to errors.

    We will of course keep in touch from time to time with updates and ask for the community's help with the next test of the new mod.

    Do you have more questions? Ask them here, we will try to answer them all.

    Be patient and stay tuned.

    Hello again, I can imagine that you are annoyed and if you want I can open another case and discuss the matter again internally.

    I will then report back here.

    However, I would recommend that you take a different approach, it is of little use to badmouth us admins... It often has the opposite effect.

    Best regards

    We were able to clear up the matter and I can now tell you exactly why you were banned.

    If we have analyzed this correctly, you also play under the names (Hrki, Hrkozje and branco). According to our database, you are accused of cheating. For this reason, you are not allowed to play on any of our servers.

    You are of course always free to express your opinion, but even if it is an older ban, it applies like any other.

    I hope I could help you with this.

    Best regards

    I see that your access has been blocked. I am currently trying to find out why.

    I will get back to you.

    Best regards

    Hello sakarYa, thank you for your message.

    I will have a look at the whole thing and get back to you here. Please give me some time to do this, I will get back to you later today.

    Best regards

    But how are people supposed to know? I just want to play, I dont want mods. Servers don't say anything about how they'll mod your game.

    Well, you won't find any well-attended servers without a mod anymore. Simply because current scripts and mods simply enhance and strongly improve the game. In addition, you can see very well that you have downloaded mods. Because if you go to a server like ours, a mod is downloaded at the beginning when you connect to the server, at the latest then you should be aware that something is different.

    Hello, no one is changing your settings here. It is not possible for us to change your settings. When you connect to a server, you download the mod that runs on the server. This mod is necessary to play on that server. Without these mods, there will be no chance for you to play normally on the server.

    If you don't want all this, you will have to find a server that doesn't bring a new menu through its mod. But you don't have to reinstall the game every time, you just have to delete the corresponding mod files from your Call of Duty 2 root directory.

    We and no one else will change anything about it just because of you, it's not an intervention in your game, just a mod. Either accept it or find other servers.


    The investigations have shown that this is an error. The wrong button was simply pressed. An admin wanted to push you into viewer mode and didn't realize that he pressed the wrong button.

    You will be granted access to the server again, in a few minutes you should be able to connect to the server again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, have fun on the servers.

    Call of Duty 2 - Colored nicknames
    [Use ^ key from keyboard + number <0-9>]

    ^1 = 🔴

    ^2 = 🟢

    ^3 = 🟡

    ^4 = 🔵

    ^5 = 🔵

    ^6 = 🟣

    ^7 = ⚪

    ^9 = ⚫

    ^0 = ⚫

    ^8 = "Teamcolor"

    [Changes to color when switching teams]

    • Note #1: If you use 2x ^ symbol and 2x colorcode number, your nickname will be shown with full colors, instead of the Axis/Allies color, in the bottom left corner of screen when killing enemy.
    • Note #2: You can also use these colorcodes during in-game chat.

    Call of Duty 2 - Performance - Commands

    [ Use ~ key from keyboard to open small console]

    Getting extra FPS-speed and smoothness for less strong PC's with lower graphic level

    • /bind <random key on keyboard> "toggle r_polygonoffsetbias 16 -1; toggle r_polygonoffsetscale 3-1"

    [Toggle means back and forth 🔄, so you can enable/disable by pressing the again the same key. This toggle function is possible with any console command setting]

    Rate you send data, measured in bytes per second

    • /rate 25000

    Amount of times the server updates itself, similar to "ticks"

    • /snaps 30

    Improves hit-detection and the speed/fluency of the game

    • /sv_fps 30

    Disable duplicate packets sent out to combat packet loss

    • /cl_packetdup 0

    Max FPS allowed client-side, which affects in-game physics

    • /com_maxfps 250

    Maximum CMD packets sent to the server per second

    • /cl_maxpackets 100

    Sets the allowed memory for the graphics of the game

    • /com_hunkmegs 512

    Improved players ping

    • /mss_khz 44

    Increased level of brightness

    • /r_gamma 1.88889

    Call of Duty 2 - In-Game consol - Commands

    Manually connecting to a server.

    • /connect <server IP>

    Manually disconnecting to a server.

    • /disconnect

    Manually reconnecting to a server.

    • /reconnect

    Creating automating in-game text bind.

    • /bind <random key on keyboard> say <text>

    Creating automating in-game username change.

    • /bind <random key on keyboard> name <username>

    Limit or increasing maximum FPS.

    • /com_maxfps <number>

    Enable FPS counting while playing on right top corner of screen.

    • /cg_drawfps 1

    Disable FPS counting while playing on right top corner of screen.

    • /cg_drawfps 0

    Enable server lagging meter on right bottom corner of screen.

    • /cg_drawlagometer 1

    Disable server lagging meter on right bottom corner of screen.

    • /cg_drawlagometer 0

    Looking for servers without Lag Compensation from players with different pings.

    • /g_antilag 0

    Seeing information from online players (Username, Scores, IP-address, Ping, Rate).

    • /rcon status

    [This is ONLY for admins with logged-in rcon access and using large console Shift + ~]