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  • Hello, sorry to bother you here. Saw that i will not be unbanned on your servers, so, any way to delete my account here? haven't seen an option for that, and there is no reason to be registered on the forums if i can't be a member of a community.

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    Merhaba COD2 ve Steam'i silip tekrar kurmama rağmen SD sunucuya giremiyorum. Diğer sunuculara erişebiliyorum ancak yalnızca SD sunucusuna erişilemiyor. Geri sayımdan sonra siyah ekranda kalıyor. Bir çözüm var mı? teşekkürler
    • Please try to remove all mods from the main folder so that it is completely clean and then download the mod again.

  • Hello, I have an question about ban at SD server...

    Could u tell me what is the reason to ban me? And can u tell zvjerka to stop crying and whinnig at the server?

  • hii KIilu... help me..

    I go in to play and someone changes their name to my name geoaka and enters with a script and I also fall into the net and they put money on my account... please remove it from me...:(I don't play with codes..
  • Hi niklas, tell me why I am a member and not admin ? on the other site i was adminand today im membre !

    can you put me admin as siko and sake it's posible or not ?

    thank bro