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  • hello a request for unlocking is it possible thank you :!: 8)

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    hello a request for unlocking is it possible thank you

  • hello, I am ready to stop any uneven form and return to the most serious in this server, and I hope that the administrators will confine my request to me, (I myself am the boss of my own company) and I understand your competence , and also all the players will trust me good day

  • I ask you why I am banned and what reason there are thousands of cheaters know that I do not know how to cheat or you banish me because of my age, I have been playing since the game was released and I love it, I thank you in advance for understanding to put me back on your server Regards

    Pizz ....

    • If it had something todo with age, I would have been banned long time ago...
      Normaly we only ban players for violation of rules, you got banned for use of WH.
      It's now up to the head admins to find you guilty or not guilty.

    • good evening stall you all have a grudge against me I'm here to have fun and it's not a championship everyone cheats and everyone plays well I think I'm in this range of quality here I finished my speech and I hope you like it good evening

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      Hello why are you kicking me out??