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    • PERFORMANCE COMMANDS : This helps releasing GPU memory and other resources to make your game faster
    • r_multigpu 1: more fps (can cause input lag) [1 = best option for fps] / [0 = Best option for input lag]
    • r_gpusync 0: GPU sync mode [0 = more fps (can cause input lag)] / [2 = improve response time] / [3 = balanced]
    • r_texturefilter 2: Uses fastest texture filte
    • r_autopriority 1: game proces autopriority itself
    • r_aaalpha 0: Antialiasing transparency quality
    • cg_brass 0: Disables bullet shells
    • cg_blood 0: Disables blood
    • cg_marks 0: Disables bullet marks

    Dx9 only

    sc_enable 0: To Turn off shadows
    r_glow 0: To Disables sky glow
    r_drawsun 0: To Disables sun
    r_dlightLimit 0: To Disables shot light

    Video restart command required

    r_rendererpreference 2: Uses dx7

    r_aasamples 1: Disables antialiasing

    r_aspectratio [0 3]: Screen size settings

    Disables extra textures

    r_polygonoffsetbias 1

    r_polygonoffsetscale 4

  • Great post Denizoo!

    When I saw this it reminded me of a similar list of commands by TweakGuides which I think would go together with your post perfectly (I should probably save this link to a Google Docs in case the website gets taken down, haha).

    Your information can definitely help people, especially if they're playing on laptops or low-end PCs.

    Good job. :thumbup:

    "Squeeze the juice out, of all the suckers with power
    and pour some back out, so as to water the flowers"


  • yep man thank you but this is the first time i see the tweakguide list hh

  • Hey guys,

    On my quest for the same game smoothness I felt on Windows 7 (Rest in peace), I decided to take the time and re-read the link I posted above. However, after reading it again I found some useful information that I feel will be better listed here so you don't have to wade through the mass of text to find it.

    In the conclusion page of their Call of Duty 2 guide, which is a different page than the one I linked, there is a short "Call of Duty 2 FPS Boost" section. Though the section mentions these problems only affected DirectX 9 and were fixed in the 1.2 Patch, I tried them on 1.3 with DirectX 7 and I thought my game felt better.

    It could be placebo but I'll post them anyway.

    Quote from

    There appears to be a fault of some kind with the way the engine applies the texture settings (the r_picmip-based commands). Thus, each time a new map loads up, you can get a noticeable performance boost if you change the r_picmip value from its current value, use the r_applypicmip command, and then reset the r_picmip setting back to its desired value and again use r_applypicmip. This must be done every time a new map loads up.

    This quote refers to the "r_picmip" command, which relates to the "Texture Resolution" option in the game settings.

    The following numbers are the different texture resolutions for this command:

    0 - Extra

    1 - High

    2 - Normal

    3 - Low

    To refresh this each time a map loads we can bind this command to a key:

    bind F5 "r_picmip 3; r_applypicmip; r_picmip 2; r_applypicmip"

    In my config I already have r_picmip set to 2, which is Normal.

    You can see that this bind sets and applies the texture resolution to Low then sets and applies the texture resolution back to Normal. This key must be pressed each time you load a new map and it works in spectate, you'll know it worked because the game will freeze for a second whilst it processes the commands and if you really want you can open the console and check the logs to see what it did.

    Quote from

    There is a problem with the r_gpusync command, which should be set to 0 for single card graphics users, however it instead defaults to 3 for all users. Setting this command back to 0 should provide another performance boost for single-card graphics users (SLI users should leave it at 3). You can simply add "+seta r_gpusync 0" (without quotes) to your startup icon(s) if you want to quickly apply this fix, or insert it into your autoexec.cfg file.

    Though we can set r_gpusync in our config, I prefer to add this command to the bind above since I'm pressing it each map load:

    bind F5 "r_picmip 3; r_applypicmip; r_picmip 2; r_applypicmip; r_gpusync 0"

    I'm aware that any r_gpusync value not set to 3 can cause input lag but I don't think that's a problem on newer, modern PCs.

    Regardless, you can test this to see if it benefits you or not.

    Maybe one day I'll come to the realisation that CoD2 is old and Windows 10 is just not designed for this type of game anymore but until then..

    - Meta

    "Squeeze the juice out, of all the suckers with power
    and pour some back out, so as to water the flowers"


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