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    We were able to clear up the matter and I can now tell you exactly why you were banned.

    If we have analyzed this correctly, you also play under the names (Hrki, Hrkozje and branco). According to our database, you are accused of cheating. For this reason, you are not allowed to play on any of our servers.

    You are of course always free to express your opinion, but even if it is an older ban, it applies like any other.

    I hope I could help you with this.

    Best regards

    - where did you get this information ? :D why im being assumed for someone im not? braco is common calling name in croatia actually,instead of brother lol some guy called RM (admin ) was acussing other guy that he was hrki and then called him silvo aswell or whatever so how could you prove im someone im not..?,unban would be nice or prove me im cheating while theres no any proof

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    Hello again, I can imagine that you are annoyed and if you want I can open another case and discuss the matter again internally.

    I will then report back here.

    However, I would recommend that you take a different approach, it is of little use to badmouth us admins... It often has the opposite effect.

    Best regards

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  • so could i get unban and play? i mean i havent been once acussed for cheating but that ''panani'' and ''thomy'' admins got acussed while playing for few times from different people,i see no reason for ban.

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